Music and Music Video Aggregation, Licensing, Content Management and Delivery Network Solutions

Lodestar and its partners bring their extensive combined experience in music and entertainment to qualified * third parties seeking usage of popular music and music driven video for inclusion in their productions, displays and presentations. As content aggregators, curators and distributors, we also can provide our clients with a completely agnostic perspective where enterprise solutions for complex CDN and CMS applications, and evolving new platforms where solutions need to be found.

We specialize in content acquisition, asset management, curation/programming and delivery solutions, licensing and clearances for public performance applications of original music driven video properties featuring top artists in every genre.  Our network, knowledge of market, compulsory protocols & best practices, both national and international, make us one of your best sources for navigating the often complex world of licensing and permissions.

Our third party clients include names like Cellfish Media, 3M, Reebok, Jim Beam Brands and Diageo, to name just a few. Our content providers include literally all of the major and independent record labels of note, both in the US and abroad.

* Lodestar Entertainment prides itself on the protection of the intellectual property rights of all of our content contributing partners.  Please contact us directly for further information on our requirements for consideration of service.



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