Entertainment is magic…

Since 1991, Lodestar Entertainment has provided music and music video promotional services to the music industry at large.  We have further provided content and delivery solutions to clients such as Disney Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Bellagio, Trump Properties, Bally’s, Sun Resorts, Sandals Resorts, Sony Transcom, Jones Media, Chili’s Restaurants, Marriott, Transworld, Six Flags, Federated Stores, JC Penny’s, Sears, AMF Bowling Centers, the US Military MWR and literally hundreds of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, public performance venues and networks across the U.S. and beyond though our VJ-Pro® “white label” service. From asset aggregation, licensing & clearances, curation and  further partnering with a wide variety of terrestrial, closed-circut, store-forward, VPN and web based and mobile telecom CMS solutions… Lodestar has been behind the scenes, providing our clients with powerful content and seamless delivery.  Ever wonder how it all gets done? …it’s not magic.

Putting it all together shouldn’t have to be.

Our content sources include literally hundreds of record labels, producers, artist management companies, artists, copyright holders and their agents worldwide. As well, on behalf of our content partners, we can also negotiate clearances and acquire permissions for third party commercial use of original artist works and catalogues. We further can assist our content partners in navigating new and emerging monetization models. We are versed in all aspects of IP licensing, clearances and permissions… whether compulsory, mechanical, or specialty and we specialize in new and emerging media licensing and best practices for both web and mobile delivery. Further, as a result of our extensive knowledge of the existing infrastructures and our historical relationships with the true players involved, we can assemble a full suite of back-end support services and solutions for content acquisition, through asset management, programming and delivery. Our featured/complex artist promotions have supported efforts by The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Garth Brooks, Justin Timberlake and REM. Our CMS and CDN enterprise partners are stars in their own right, and include names such as ADS, Akamai, Internap, Numark, Digital 1, Screenplay, Cellfish Media and Sun Microsystems. Our intrinsic knowledge of the landscape and undertanding of the fundamental needs of both our commercial clients and creative partners puts the magic is where it belongs …on the screen.

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